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Lick, Sip, Suck.

Ever wondred what shot to order when you get sick of wet pussies?
Curious as to how many wet pussies get ordered on a friday night I kept a tally last week. I made 52 of the damn things!
Why is it that they are the most popular shot? They aren’t very strong, girls get embarrassed downing them and guys whisper awkwardly when ordering them. I just asked my boyfriend to name some shots and no word of a lie, he could only name the WP! So time to branch out!
If you’re heading to your favourite bar, keen for a big night out and shots are on the list: here is some advice to get (and keep!) the night going!

First shot of the night?
It should be something sweet but not sickly. This ensures you can continue drinking without feeling the need to throw up.┬áTry a Dangerous Liason. Of my own invention it contains, lychee liqueur, vodka, blue curacao and a drop of grenadine. It is delicious, doesn’t leave a foul after taste in your mouth and is a nice kickstart to the night.

The instagramers
These are for the stage of the night when you have your cameras out!

* The Rainbow Shot. Hard for bartenders to get right, but when they do they are loads of fun. Contains, chambord, blue curacao, cranberry juice, orange juice, tequila and midori.
*The Brain Hemorrhage, also known as an Alien Abortion. Peach schnapps, floated baileys with a few drops of grenadine.
*The Skittle Bomb. A twist of the classic (and over used) Jager Bomb. In the glass you still have red bull, just drop it with grenadine. In the shot glass, vodka and cointreau. I kid you not- tastes like a handful of skittles.

The pick me up
Your classic shot for those who are hitting a wall.

* Tequila! I suggest you don’t order the cheapest brand. A smooth tequila may cost but it doesn’t make you want to throw up afterwards.

Last shot of the night?
This should be one to remember!
*The Angry German. A concoction of vanilla vodka, chambord, jager and lime juice. WARNING- This shot will make you look like an angry German after downing. Chase it with a glass of water and your set. A) it washes the sour taste out of your mouth and B) hydrates you after a night of drinking and helps avoid the hangover in the morning.

Happy hunting.


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