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The Marlborough Myth

Last time you ordered a Sauvignon Blanc did you ask for a New Zealand Marlborough? Guess what? There are much better choices!

So far with my experience with wine, which I admit- hasn’t been all that extensive, I have noticed 9 out of 10 people will ask for a Kiwi when ordering a Sav. What is it about that region that has people obssessed?

If you’re one of those who jump on the New Zealand band wagon i’m here to tell you to consider your options. Australian wines, if you give them a chance, are actually phenomenal. My favourite region is Adelaide Hills. Their wines have the zest and zing you want in a sav but they’re more “find what i’ve got” where as a Kiwi sav might say “look what i’ve got”!

So don’t be a sheep when it comes to the wine list; don’t follow the heard!




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