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Show us your tips

Feeling tipsy?
Ever wondered why you should tip a bartender? Or questioned how much you should give? Is it everytime you order? Or just at the end of the night?
Some handy hints to help…

1. Tip generously on your first round. The pours thereafter will be as generous and you will be served shortly after arriving at the bar each time.
2. Any change $1 or under, leave. If you’re the guy who waits for 10c change don’t expect to get any special treatment
3. Good bartenders will take the time to learn your orders to personalise the service. This is to avoid you feeling like just another face in the crowd. If this happens, tip, tip, tip! A) they think your worth the effort and B) They will spot you at the other end of the bar, make your drinks and have them in front of you before you have spoken a word. That’s service!
4. If you open a bar tab always tip at least 10%.
5. If you are there with a group of friends or business associates, try tipping one bartender $20. They will not only look after you the entire night, your drinks will be over poured, your service will be friendly and table service is not out of the question
6. If you are playing pokies and have a big win, tip a $20 or $50. Depends on how many free drinks you want. If you drop a big tip I promise you will be drinking for free with machine service.
7. If you know you’re in for a big night, tipping will help ease the pain for the tenders when you start to get drunk. It’s amazing how our tolerence levels rise for tippers and how many non-tippers get kicked out!

So don’t be affraid to flash us your tips.


Wolf whistles and cat calls

I don’t walk into your place of work, demand you stop what you are doing by snapping my fingers and whistling at you.

Some piece of advice for anyone wanting decent service at the bar

1. NEVER click, clap, whistle or tap the bar for service
2. NEVER call me babe
3. Don’t cough under your breath or clear your throat to announce your presence
4. If i’m making drinks, don’t come and stand in front of me thinking that is your best chance to be served next
5. On that note, if it is a full bar, don’t stand near the till or eyeball me thinking you will be served quicker. We make note of the order people turn up!
6. Tip generously on your first round! Your second round will be an equally generous pour with speedy service

Mouthing Mark

Mark. Mouthing Mark.

Working in a bar I expect to encounter various types of people from all walks of life. I do not judge, I hold conversations and give each patron what they need. If what they need includes a listening ear at the end of a hard day, I give it. If it is a cheeky comment to make them feel like they have at least one friend in the world, I make it. More often than not I become several different characters over the course of my shift. One such character I will not indulge however is the secret lover of Mouthing Mark.
In his late forties, Mark is a man of quirks. He does not speak with the quiet tones of most patrons, in fact he does not speak as if he is indoors at all. Rather, Mark will talk remarkably loud, typically the volume of someone who is going deaf. The interesting thing is he hears our responses quite well. It is as if his hearing is not impaired at all, he simply chooses to test the limits of volume. Scrap that, he is testing the sound barrier.

One rather busy Friday afternoon Mouthing Mark decides it is time for a beer (if you call XXXX a beer). He makes his way to the crowded bar and strikes up one of his shouting matches with me. After 10 minutes of his screaming evey other patron has turned around to see who is yelling. With all eyes on him he says, or more to the point yells, “JUST ‘TWEEN ME AN’ YOU,I GOT A TWELVE INCHA’ SO ‘ERE’S ME NUMBA”.
Somewhow I don’t think that was just for my ears.

Hey guys what can I get you?

Feeling down about life? Wondering where you’re going? Or just having a bad day?

Work in a bar!

Trust me, it’s the sure-fire cure to feeling bad about yourself.

I’m telling you, you see everything from behind the bar. After a few years tending, I feel it is time to share my vast experiences with all of you. Be prepared to hear all about the weird and wonderful things that go on in your local bar.

Ever wondered what your drink says about you? Think the pickup line you used on the bartender was original? Wondering what it means to be a ‘local’? I will reveal all. Stay tuned guys, I promise what is to come will make you laugh, cringe and need a stiff drink by the end.

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