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The Start of a Bad Joke!

A Blonde, a Man and an Irishman walk into a bar. Who do you serve?

What if I then told you that the Blonde was pregnant, the Man was a priest and the Irishman was hammered because his wife had just died?

A few nights ago I was confronted with this situation. Now, I don’t consider myself particularly religious, I believe in the right for women to choose what they do with their own body and, even against the majority, I don’t have anything against the Irish. But, on this night I found myself hesitating at the beer taps.

First to be culled from the list was the drunk leprechaun. I figured that if nothing else it was illegal for me to serve him in that state. The other two weren’t as easy.

The priest was next. As I am not affiliated with any one church I could rationalise it easy. Where I found myself struggling was that this man had taken a vow to abstain and his ‘flock’ (is that right?) trusted him. What to do?

I considered the woman with child. What if she was just ordering for a friend? If only. Nope, the bottle of wine she had ordered was for herself, and baby I guess. Then again, who was I to judge? Would it make me a hypocrite of Women’s Rights to refuse her service?

Coward as I am, I passed them on to another tender. They could live with the decision.

What would you do?


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